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As someone with a thirst for knowledge who also considers himself an avid gamer,
one thing about the internet I’ve come to truly appreciate are Youtube gaming
channels.  In particular, one that comes
to mind isn’t exactly a playthrough or tutorial but living in a hybrid of its
own called “GTA Geographic.”  And yes, it’s
exactly what it sounds like.  A
commentator makes National Geographic style observations (complete with a faux
British accent) about the various type of players that inhabit the GTA online
universe.  For non-gamers that is “Grand
Theft Auto.”  In these “episodes” the “documentarian”
categorizes players into behavioral archetypes.
For example, the “Noob” (newbie/beginner player), the “Squeaker” (young
kids, not quite at puberty, that join sessions with high-pitched voices), the “Hero”
and the “Try Hard”.



What I find extremely entertaining about this series are not only the care and
accuracy put into making this series, but equally the inside joke references,
universal annoyances, and evolutions among fellow gamers who have actually
played and experienced the oh so frustrating rewards of GTA online.


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